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We are located in the fertile Central San Joaquin Valley.  This isn't by happenstance.  The Exeter area is the premier growing region for California stone fruit.  Our season-long supplies of California tree fruit will be a sure hit with your customers, both domestically and around the globe.

PEACHES . . .   From the beginning of May through the end of September our local growers bring us a
consistent supply of the best varieties
of fresh California peaches.  White
flesh varieties, becoming more
popular than ever, are available in
steady supplies to expand your
availability of choices.  We will
continue to update our varieties to bring
the best tasting fruit to you year after year.

PLUMS . . .   Growing to become one of the largest
plum shippers in the state, we have supplies of plums from red and black to purple or green.  We will be able
to supply your total needs for any "PLUMORAMA" that
you may wish to have.

APRICOTS . . .   The early season
Gem, apricots run from May to June.
We have now included the great tasting Aprium to the mix, a delicate cross between an apricot and a plum that tastes as sweet as candy.  Our Apricots are hand-picked in small
totes to ensure the best pack
quality.  We also ship Northern
California Patterson varieties to
help consolidate your transportation.


NECTARINES . . .   The taste of Summer!  California
Nectarines are a must for your summer
fruit line-up.  We pick our nectarines at
the hightest maturity to keep consistent
sweet flavor.  Availability is Summer-
long.  We have expanded our white
flesh and sub-acid varieties to offer
the newest taste in nectarines.
PLUOTS® . . .   The hottest new varieties on the market are in the ground.  From early season Flavorich to the
Flavor Fall in September, the best tasting
piece of California tree fruit is available
all season long.  We are continuing to
expand the Pluot® line-up with the
sweetest new varieties of YUMMY™
brand plums now in the ground.  Our
continual updating of varieties will keep you ahead of the competition by giving the consumers great tasiting products.

EXPORT . . .   No matter if it's Mexico or Taiwan, Sunriver grows the hottest new varieties that the export markets crave.  We are the largest export shipper of plums in California and have instituted the necessary programs to ship to both Mexico and Vancouver.  Our outstanding quality allows you to ship our tree fruit around the globe.  Our white flesh nectarine program is currently growing to become one of the best in the Pacific Rim.  We ship directly to consumers or through export companies.  Give us a call – whatever your program needs may be.


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