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WHITE GRAPES . . .   The season begins with Mexican
Perlettes in early Spring marked by extra
sweet large bright green berries.  We then
progress into Mexican Thompson
Seedless before we hit full stride in
California.  The Thompson Seedless is
noted for its elongated berry with color
ranging from green to cream.  The majority
of our white grapes are grown in the Delano, California area of the Central San Joaquin Valley.  This ideal climate allows us to provide high quality Thompson Seedless grapes until the end of November.  We pride ourselves with our 16# Thompson that guarantees you will have late season premium quality.

RED GRAPES . . .   The early season begins with "Cherry
Red" Mexican Flame Seedless grapes and progresses
into the short Ruby Seedless grape
season from Mexico.  The harvesting
continues to the Central Valley of
California in early June.  The Flame has
become the standard for Red Seedless
with its sweet taste, crisp bite and elongated berry shape.  Flames overlap with the Ruby Seedless.  The Ruby is noted for its round shape compared to the Flame and is a more dark ruby color.  The Ruby is an excellent late season storage grape.  The last red seedless of the year is the Crimson Seedless.
Crimson grapes have an extremely sweet taste and an extraordinary crunch.  Crimsons are characteristically elongated in berry shape with cherry red color.  The Crimson will provide you with a quality red seedless grape until Christmas.

SEEDED GRAPES . . .   Red Globes, the largest of the grapes available, average up to 1 inch in diameter.  These grapes, originally an ethnic specialty, are now a retail standard.  Red Globes have a color standard from cherry red to dark burgundy with large, crunchy berries.  Red Globes are available from the end of the Mexican season until the end of the year.


BLACK GRAPES . . .   Fantasy Seedless mark the start
of the black grape season out of the
warm deserts of California.  These
grapes have a distinctive taste of real
grape juice, are noted for an elongated
berry and are available until the end of
August.  The Autumn Royal, which is now
the late season standard, is characterized
by an elongated berry and uniformly dark color.  Autumn Royals are available from the end of July
through December.
EXPORT . . .   "Royal Flush", our premier export label, has seen every destination around the world.  We specialize in exportation of Ruby Seedless, Thompson Seedless, and Red Globe grapes for export destinations from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong.  We offer seamless export services for almost any destination.  Check with our export manager for any special requests or pack styles.

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